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Rich types of intelligent terminal products, as well as comprehensive functional configuration, can almost meet the information management needs of various industries and application fields. So far, our product solutions have involved logistics, transportation, medical care, finance, retail, electric power, animal husbandry, security, manufacturing, large-scale exhibitions and other industries

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Shenzhen Jiechuang Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of RFID reading and writing equipment. It has UHF RFID reading and writing modules, UHF readers and Representative products such as RFID active 2.4G series. The company's products are mainly divided into passive 900M and active 2.4G, with more than 40 types of RFID intelligent reading and writing products: 10 types of RFID core modules, 17 types of fixed RFID equipment, 11 types of mobile RFID equipment, active 2.4G RFID reading There are 4 types of writing equipment and customized product series. The product system is sound and all of them are independent intellectual property rights.

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More than 2000+ global
cooperation customers


Customers in more than
100 countries


Products are widely used in
more than 30 industries


More than 100 product-related patents


20 people product technology research
and development team


The company has its own 3000 square
meters production plant

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Jiechuang Zhilian 2023 Spring Festival holiday notice

According to the regulations of the national statutory holidays, combined with the actual situation of the company, the following arrangements are made for the Spring Festival holiday in 2023: 1. The 2023 Spring Festival holiday dates are: January 21 (Saturday) to January 27 (Friday), a total of 7 days; January 28 (Saturday) and January 29 (Sunday) work normally. 2. Each department arranges the on-duty personnel, safety, security and other work. In the event of a major emergency, it must be reported in a timely manner and properly handled to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the market. During the…

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